Moustache City

by Bill Simms

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released May 13, 2015

Bill Simms- Vocals, Guitars, Mandolin, Basses, Glockenspiel
Natasha Hartery- Saxophones
Drums- Ryan Taylor, Ryan Higdon, Keegan Power, Adam Thistle
Recorded by Adam Thistle and Keegan Power of Soundwaves Audio Inc.
Mixed by Adam Thistle of Soundwaves Audio Inc.


all rights reserved



Bill Simms

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Track Name: As The Sun Meets Up With The Trees
So I go into the city
To try and buy myself some time
All the girls they are so pretty
But not as beautiful as mine
All the buildings that surround me
For the first time I feel small
As I'm looking at these photos it reveals
That I don't like it here at all

So I write my love a letter
To try to make the time go fast
I hope that things will soon get better
Most recent memories aren't going to be the last

If I knew it'd be okay, for me to throw this all away
I'd have my bags all packed, my ticket booked and be ready to leave today
All the memories of which I'm fond sit on the wharf out on the pond
There's kids in the distance laughing on a street with no cars passing
Your hair is blowing in the breeze as the sun meets up with the trees

I step into the post office
Pick up an envelope I pick up a pen
Write the address and lay some change out for a stamp
Seems a little strange doing this again
Wet the stamp and stick it to the letter
I hope it makes it there to you, we're so many kilometres apart
I hope I'm right and you'll appreciate it
Not that it's coming in the mail, that it's coming from my heart

Track Name: At A Word
If I slipped inside your skin
How much trouble would I be in?
And if I burrowed into your brain
To try and take away your pain
Although none of us are really sane

Right now I just need a friend
Right now I want this to end
Tell me where you want to go
I don't care about rain, I don't care about snow
Say the word and I'll take you there

Through a telephone made from string and empty cans
Say that I can be your man
So that when you win this mental war
And get that knock upon your door
That brings your body back to shore

Right now I just need a friend
Right now I want this to end
Tell me where you want to go
I don't care if there's rain, I don't care if there's snow
Just say the word and I'll take you there
Track Name: Bone Stew
As you walk by me I imagine I'm caressing your cheek
It's been this way for twelve weeks
And I think that it's time I get over it
I see you walk right by my window and you're all alone
But you're texting on your phone
And my skin gets jealous of the buttons which you rapidly hit

I wanna have a wet dream and dream about you
But every time that I walk by you all my bones turn to stew
And it's like every single day I get consumed by the notion that
One day you'll be my friend and let me swim in your ocean

Sometimes I wake up and I go to your place of employment
To see if I get a hint
That you don't mind my being there
I pick up three cans of chili and I see if you'll check me in
But I never seem to win
Because I get in a line behind ten people where the cashier is an old man
Who no longer has hair


Can't get you out of my head
When I'm asleep in my bed
Track Name: Devious Girl
She doesn't care about me
'Cause all that matters is money and cars and all those material things
She doesn't care about you
But she'll swear to God she loves you then she'll rip your heart in two

She's a devious girl

She doesn't care about me
'Cause she'll just do whatever she wants and then she'll try to make you believe
She doesn't care about you
She'll be happy you're somebody else then she'll regret having someone new

She's a devious girl
Track Name: Friends With The Devil
I'm meeting with the devil for a drink or three
Wondering if you want to ride along with me
You know that gentlemen appreciate your company
So touch your lips upon the glass and set your spirit free

Feel the evil, feel the evil within
Come on baby take a sip of that wine
I'll introduce you to the devil he's a friend of mine

Step out the limousine and ring the bell on the door
Your judgement isn't sensible to use anymore
So take me by the arm and saunter across the floor
The devil wants you in his parlour let the good times pour


Come over little honey take a seat on my knee
I think that soon you will be everything I want you to be
I'll take away all that you know and all the thing you believe
So come on little honey give your soul to me

Track Name: Good Morning
I peel my face from off the sheets
Not ready to face the day
And I guess I didn't want you anyway
Shave my chin, brush my teeth
Soak in artificial rain
And I guess I didn't want you anyway

And I told myself that I'd find somebody new
My interests have been drawn to many things
But I doubt that there is anything as interesting as you

I button up my wrinkled shirt
My mind is somewhere else
And I guess it doesn't matter how I felt
I place these windows before my eyes
In hopes that the world becomes more clear
You know this is the last time I'll be here

Track Name: Hook Us Up With A Dollar
So I was walking up the street one bright and sunny day
Bringing myself to work to get my hourly pay
When I saw this guy strumming on his gat 6
Playing Cash, CCR and country western licks
He had a five o'clock shadow five days ago
He didn't own a toothbrush and it was starting to show
He had a ragged quiff hat bottom up on the ground
And it looked like it'd explode at the impact of sound
So he played me a song, lit up a smoke
Pointed to his hat and he began to choke
“AHAA put in a dollar if you've got some spare change”
But that wasn't a deal I was willing to arrange

He sang hook us up with a dollar
'Cause I got no money
Hook us up with a dollar because I'm
B-R-O-K-E and he sang
My career is struggling as you can plainly see
Hook us up with a dollar and you'd be helping me

So I paid no attention and I hurried on my way
But I was late for work again, the second time same day
My boss said “Son this is becoming a habit
I'm trying to run a business and I'm not going to have it”
So that was that, I guess this is this
I needed a bit of money 'cause the money brings bliss
So I grabbed my guitar and I went to the street
Opened up my case and who should I meet?
It was the guy that I'd seen earlier on
Walking with a grin across the lawn
He said “It looks like you're down on your luck too
And even though you walked away from me I'll tell you what I'll do
Let's have a jam, let's have some fun because you know that two is better than one”
We played all day and into the night
Made ourselves some money and now we's tight

Track Name: I've Got A Friend
I heard that you've got somebody
You go to when the lights are dim
I know that he wants your body
Wants you but you don't want him
You play it safe and be polite
But in the end you leave
His friendship doesn't last all night
I know 'cause it's the same with me

'Cause I've got a friend and you've got a friend
But for tonight let's just pretend
That my little friend and your little friend
Won't ever see the light of day again

I don't want to ditch my buddy
We've both been through thin and thick
She's not bold and she's not slutty
Manners mild and wits are quick
But I want something more exciting
Than listening to the neighbours snore
And your lips are so inviting
Not listening to this any more


You and I will sit with each other
Trying not to make much sound
Slide in close but then not bother
Because our friends are lurking around
Say goodnight or see you later
With disappointment in our eyes
That's it! My heart no longer caters
Let's stop telling ourselves lies

Track Name: Open Up!
Two arms up in the air
Reckless but you just don't care
Leather jacket, mini skirt on your hips
'80s glasses cigarette in your lips
Try to be good but your mind just slips away

And I remember you when you were just a little slut
Had the world at your feet but then you fucked it all up
I said I never ever wanna see you no more
But that was a lie so knock knock
Open up the door

I ring the doorbell, you're the one that I seek
I got the message that you sent me last week
Open the door, pillow mark in your cheek and your eye
Let's go get the best of the sun
We're going nowhere but we're having fun
I think I'm back in love but now what have I done
What have I done!?


Why do I put myself through this?
Track Name: Paperboy
So you're walking with your girls, you're walking with your guys
I can see my reflection in the glass over your eyes
You're looking at the skies 'cause that's where I am anyway
Couldn't ask nobody for a better day
So like Jack and the missus, we can go up on the hill
And we can sit down in the grass because there's lots of time to kill
The trees down at the bottom, telling me that it was autumn
I was going to buy you flowers but I went and I forgot 'em

The air is getting frigid, causing tingling sensations
I can see your breath but I know that it isn't sublimation
Watching as the clouds go by, the shade it comes upon us
And I know what's coming next although I'm not Nostradamus
Now some people will pick us up now in a couple of minutes
I'll sit in the seat in the back with you, mack on you, long as nobody is in it
We'll ride to the groceteria or the confectionary
I'm making money now my honey, I can buy you a treat

If I was a paperboy, I would deliver the papers to you
If I owned a carnival, well we'd always have something to do
If I was a goldsmith, I'd pour you a house made of gold
If I owned a fountain of youth girl, you'd never be getting old
Unless you wanted to grow old with me

So we walk into the store and I'm excited, I confess
That I don't know how to do this without making a mess
Because we're acting like we're children, kicking and we're screamin'
You look adorable with your face full of ice cream
And either way I don't even have a Kleenex or a napkin
Oh me oh my how did this incident come to happen
Isn't it a treat now, to hear a ginger rappin'
Before you 'cuse me, just remember Eric Clapton

Unprepared I wipe the ice cream with my finger tip
You lick it off with your tongue before it gets to drip
Drip like a faucet left on, dribbling menace
When you wake up in the morning and your kitchen looks like Venice
You look at me and frown and say “do you think I'm fat?”
I say the beauty lies within so forget all of that
It doesn't matter if you're large, you got a big booty upon ya
Call me up I'll come over for some meaty lasagne

Track Name: Rain Song
I can hear the rain and it reminds me of you
It makes me so sad 'cause you won't be here soon

And I just want to see you again
I just want to see you again
And I just want to go run through the rain
And I just want to see you again

I can hear the rain and I remember when
We'd lie around not caring what people thought
And we'd keep each other warm

And I just want to see you again
I just want to see you again
And I just want to go run through the rain
And I just want to see you again
Track Name: Toonie Tuesday
Well I took a walk outside just to see if you were home
When I got down to your house your mom told me you were gone
Down to the lake with some of the girls and that I could find you there
So I set out on my way again

So I walked on up the road until I got to the lake
I asked around they said you'd left an hour ago for goodness sake
Then someone told me they'd heard talk of people going to the mall
So I set out on my way again

I was strolling down the street when I heard a car slow down
When I looked it was my buddy and there was no one else around
He told me to hop in and that he'd give me a ride
So I set out on my way again

I thanked him for the ride and I went into the mall
But there were so many people there that I couldn't see you at all
Then I remembered that you told me you were going to the park
So I set out on my way again

Well I'd made a good decision 'cause I was near the park
It only took me fifteen minutes but the sky was getting dark
I felt a peck and then it poured, besides no one was there
So I set out on my way again

Now drenched and disappointed I returned to my own place
Kicked my shoes into the corner, wiped the water from my face
When I looked up the light was on and I saw you standing there
In the door waiting for me, your luminescent hair
Won me over I picked you up and I hurried up the stairs
Closed the door to the bedroom, really though, I didn't care
I kissed your cheek, I kissed your neck, soon enough our bodies bare
Closed the curtains 'cause the neighbours, well the neighbours like to stare
And you're doing all the work, that's new, but definitely fair
And I tore some of your clothes but I'll buy new ones that you can wear
We'll always have the memories of these moments which we share

Thanks for this amazing Tuesday
Track Name: Vanilla
It's coming to my realization
I'm not the man you wanted to be
Before you find out that I'm somebody else
I just want to listen to you breathe

I go home in the morning and my clothes smell like you
Like innocence, vanilla and the crisp morning dew
And I see you everywhere I look
I stumble to the fridge, see cheese that earlier I'd seen
Leftover gravy frozen french fries I'm going to make poutine
And I know you love your poutine
Your face is right here with me like a dream


I wish that you could be with me
To help me through this journey that I'm on
I just found out the hardest way what they told me is true
You don't know what you've got until it's gone x2


My shirt still smells like vanilla
It's the same smell that fills up my nose
When you spray that perfume into the air just above you
And wait for the quiet mist to fall upon your clothes
As soon as that fragrance falls into my memory
A thousand thoughts take precedence before the sights that are at hand
I wonder how it'd be if circumstances were changed
And I'm sorry that I couldn't understand


Now that you're gone I don't know what I'm going to do
I just woke up this morning and thought of you
Track Name: Wish Upon A Star
So I wake up in the morning next to you
I feel that something isn't right
Whatever happened to those things we used to do
That used to get us through the night
Now I'm thinking about those things that would be nice
And how it's going to be
Cause you know girl things are losing their spice
And you've got to agree

Started with a seed that turned into a sprout
Each and every day I think we're better off without
I could wish upon a star
That you are who I think you are
But girl it's just so hard to see
You could wish that I'm the guy
Who'll stay beside you through the night
But girl you're not the one for me

As you hold me in your arms I hold you in mine
I find myself without the words to say
But you know the things have changed as we walk on down the line
Cause all the butterflies have flown away


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