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So you're walking with your girls, you're walking with your guys
I can see my reflection in the glass over your eyes
You're looking at the skies 'cause that's where I am anyway
Couldn't ask nobody for a better day
So like Jack and the missus, we can go up on the hill
And we can sit down in the grass because there's lots of time to kill
The trees down at the bottom, telling me that it was autumn
I was going to buy you flowers but I went and I forgot 'em

The air is getting frigid, causing tingling sensations
I can see your breath but I know that it isn't sublimation
Watching as the clouds go by, the shade it comes upon us
And I know what's coming next although I'm not Nostradamus
Now some people will pick us up now in a couple of minutes
I'll sit in the seat in the back with you, mack on you, long as nobody is in it
We'll ride to the groceteria or the confectionary
I'm making money now my honey, I can buy you a treat

If I was a paperboy, I would deliver the papers to you
If I owned a carnival, well we'd always have something to do
If I was a goldsmith, I'd pour you a house made of gold
If I owned a fountain of youth girl, you'd never be getting old
Unless you wanted to grow old with me

So we walk into the store and I'm excited, I confess
That I don't know how to do this without making a mess
Because we're acting like we're children, kicking and we're screamin'
You look adorable with your face full of ice cream
And either way I don't even have a Kleenex or a napkin
Oh me oh my how did this incident come to happen
Isn't it a treat now, to hear a ginger rappin'
Before you 'cuse me, just remember Eric Clapton

Unprepared I wipe the ice cream with my finger tip
You lick it off with your tongue before it gets to drip
Drip like a faucet left on, dribbling menace
When you wake up in the morning and your kitchen looks like Venice
You look at me and frown and say “do you think I'm fat?”
I say the beauty lies within so forget all of that
It doesn't matter if you're large, you got a big booty upon ya
Call me up I'll come over for some meaty lasagne



from Moustache City, released May 13, 2015


all rights reserved



Bill Simms

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